Hi! I'm Denise

I love eating chocolate, laughing until I cry, tetris-ing many things into a small space, rock climbing until I can barely grasp my steering wheel, and finding satisfaction in folding socks. Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite way to enjoy coffee. I strive to be genuine and kind to everyone I encounter, and present with every conversation. 

My closest friends were asked to describe me in a few words and the following is a compilation: caring, reliable (x2), dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, joyful, positive, multitasker, savvy, empathetic, optimistic, diligent, persistent, and bacon knowledgeable.

Math has always been an easy subject for me, and several years ago I discovered that I have a knack for accounting, solving problems, and organizing chaos. I enjoy accounting. I look forward to the problem solving and organizing chaos. I delight in reconciling until I fix an error that threw the whole equation off balance. I derive satisfaction from efficiency, in all aspects of my life.

My promise to my clients is to provide honest work at a fair wage, to work with you to customize the engagement, and to save you money by automating processes, simplifying tasks and using the accounting software to its fullest to meet these promises. And finally I will provide regular financial statements and insight into what the numbers actually mean to you.

The most recent addition to my list of abilities is CTEC - I am now a certified income tax preparer in the state of California.

QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

California Tax Education Council - Registered Tax Preparer